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Mar 22 2015 – Explore Lynn Lawrences board Keyhole Garden Ideas on Pinterest. This is basically a round structure roughly about 9 foot in diameter with a wedge cut into it just like slicing a cake.

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The term keyhole garden comes from shape of the garden area itself.


Keyhole garden design. The Valhalla Project took inspiration for their first keyhole design right out of Africa where the keyhole garden bed idea is reported to be originated from. In the center of this structure which is about 3 foot deep in the middle is a round well formed from wire mesh. A short history of keyhole gardening There are.

Waste is being reduced by recycling organic food scraps and paper products that might otherwise end. When you plan the design of your keyhole garden you have to consider the major elements and the maintenance that the garden will need. A keyhole garden is a round garden bed with a compost pile in the center.

This style of gardening is very convenient for those who like to engage in the activity but are not ready to experience back pain. Keyhole gardening is simple enough to be taught to school-age children in third-world countries where the children then use the concept in their homes and villages. Keyhole gardens are circular in shape are a raised bed and are designed with an entryway to an internal basked used to recycle left-overs which feed the garden.

They have many different forms and are especially useful in areas where good soil is scarce. Keyhole garden beds are a neat permaculture design. See more ideas about keyhole garden garden permaculture.

A Keyhole Garden is a type of kitchen garden raised bed. African keyhole gardens are a good option for beginner gardeners as you can practice and develop your knowledge for plants and enjoy the results of your hobby without spending hours around the vegetable beds. Featuring a drainage layer a soil layer and a planting area keyhole gardens combine all the necessities that plants need to thrive.

Since the Valhalla project centers on helping to reintegrate ex-combat veterans theyve included some information about the work that current deployed military members are doing to help educate. The benefits of the keyhole garden design are plentiful. See more ideas about keyhole garden garden permaculture.

The garden has a notch in the front so gardeners can easily add to or turn over the pile. The inclusion of cardboard and newspaper increase levels of carbon nitrogen and air to the soil. The bed is filled with rocks yard waste decomposable plant material and a thick layer of soilcompost on the top for planting.

Keyhole gardens are commonly seen in permaculture because they are beautiful and productive ideal for small spaces and can accommodate a variety of plants annual vegetables herbs and flowers. The garden is constructed from low-cost recycled reusable and locally-available materials and uses a number of layers to nourish the soil making it more productive. Keyhole gardening is a design technique that lets the gardener reach the whole bed while standing or sitting in one spot.

The compost basket can be fed throughout the season and will continually break down and deliver nutrients to the bed for the duration as will the chunky bits of organic matter you add to the. A keyhole garden is a circular raised garden bed with a compost basket at the center and a keyhole-shaped path that allows access to the entire garden. When we started designing our garden beds in our new location I knew I wanted to integrate permaculture design symmetry and beauty for some edible landscapingI loved the idea of creating a mix of a keyhole garden with a mandala design.

The composting bin helps keep soil moist and continually provides nutrients to the plants. Keyhole garden designs are quite similar to the raised garden beds which many people are familiar with. A keyhole garden is a round raised bed with a pie-slice cutout for access to a composting basket in the center.

The origin of the keyhole structure lies in Africa where the climate requires the most efficient use of water resources. The design which looks like a keyhole from above incorporates a central basket where compostable waste is placed and greywater is poured. A single keyhole garden affords enough abundance to provide a large family with a year round supply of vegetables.

Mar 23 2017 – Explore Deniece Bonners board Keyhole Garden on Pinterest. From a birds-eye view they resemble an old-timey keyhole you might find in a door thus the name. 4- Valhalla Keyhole Garden Project.

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